Pilot Project International Inc. is dedicated and passionate to develop, deploy and manage new and exciting technology that improves business, industry and the environment.Women with tablet

Our specialty is the identification and early adoption of new and innovative technologies. We are extensive users of “Pilot” techniques to manage and evaluate the success of the technology.

See Core Competencies for further information.

History of Pilot Project International

Pilot Project International Inc. was seeded in 1995 as a sole proprietorship, replaced by an incorporated company in 1998, Pilot Project International Inc.

Our history has provided experience in several industries including retail, manufacturing, aviation, government, resources, oil & gas, construction, distribution and tourism. We are very proud of our track record and corporate resume.

Pilot Project Culture

Our team is required to display a professional, ethical, entrepreneurial, innovative and friendly focus. In the end, our focus is the client and the dynamics of the team.

(*But we are not totally stuffy!) We throw in humor and fun for good measure!)

Corporate Mission, and Goals

Pilot Project International Inc. sees continuous opportunity to improve business and the environment through the application of existing and emerging technologies. Our mission is to “Provide value and expertise to customers by helping them lead and integrate the deployment of new, complex and innovative technology and processes.”

Corporate Vision

Looking forward, Pilot Project has the following vision:

“To become a recognized global leader, authority and visionary in the ability to lead new innovation, which ultimately benefit individuals, corporations and the environment.”