OpportunitiesPilot Project has opportunities in many areas — from the consulting services we provide to business & industry, to entrepreneurs & consultants wishing to participate in our model

Entrepreneurs & Consultants

We provide opportunities for entrepreneurs and consultants to participate and be supported by Pilot Project; Tremendous growth, profit sharing and other benefits

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Consulting Corporations & Small Consulting Firms

We offer consulting sharing agreements to provide expertise under your banner to complete technology and business pilots.

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Alliances & Partnerships

We invite prospective partners and alliance companies to provide us with their prospective product or service. Our Board fully reviews all presented opportunities to confirm that it strategically fits with our business models.

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Job Opportunities

Does the opportunity to be a technology leader and use advanced technology get you up in the morning? If so, PILOT PROJECT is the place you want to be.

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– Although we appreciate the time and effort on any and all opportunity inquiries, we only engage with those parties who are most qualified, follow ethical business practices and passionate about technology and the application / integration into business.

– Global inquires are also welcome, however we will also perform extra due diligence with foreign companies prior to engagement.

Please provide your background and reference checks to ensure you or your company meets a high standard of delivery.